What makes MULLER chokes superior?

• HALF the weight of titanium, one THIRD the weight of steel.
• CERAMIC TEFLON INFUSION results in the hardest, cleanest choke on the market today.
• Aerospace-grade aluminum base is TWICE as STRONG as steel.
• CRUSH TARGETS like never before with efficient, outer-fringe patterns.
• LESS THAN 2% plastic or carbon buildup.
• Made in the U.S.A.

MULLER Choke Tubes are guaranteed to be the lightest, toughest, cleanest, most consistently patterning chokes you can put in your gun.

Muller Choke tubes are designed to be the best shotgun choke tubes in the world. As a Master shooter (Sporting Clays/FITASC) and an aerospace manufacturing professional, Jimmy Muller, has revolutionized shooting sports through his cutting-edge design and precision manufacturing.

With superior pellet distribution from the core to the outer fringe, shooters benefit from a larger margin of error than ever before. This translates to more X’s on score cards for competitors.

But there is more. Because our choke tubes produce optimal pellet patterns, one Muller Choke Tube does the job of two “traditional” tubes. Below is a comparison of how Muller Chokes perform against traditional choke tube constrictions:

Ü0= Cylinder/Skeet
Ü1 = Skeet/Improved Cylinder
Ü2 = Light Modified
Ü3 = Modified/Improved Modified
Ü4 = Full/Extra Full

Other Muller Choke Tube features include: 8 finger-grooves for quick and easy choke changes—no more choke wrenches. Guaranteed to be non-corrosive and non-fouling. Carbon and plastic wad build-up are things of the past—use your time to clean your gun, not your choke tubes.

As the creators of the original featherlite screw-in choke tubes, Muller guarantees their chokes to be the lightest, strongest, most consistently patterning choke tubes available today. Muller Chokes backs this guarantee with a Lifetime Warranty on all our choke tubes.