Michele has over 16 years shooting Experience and has reached an expert level at what he does.

Michele has been coaching for the past 4 years helping mostly juniors get to their goals having coached over 250hours.

He has had experience all over the world and has got some of the best coaches and shooters in the world on call if there is something he is not sure how to assist with.

People think you need to get a coach once you get better, but my advise to start off with a coach so that you do not learn bad habits that then become very difficult to fix or adjust once you’ve built in your muscle memory.

We are not here to impose our style on your shooting everyone shoots differently and needs to be coached differently. We want to make you the best shooter you can be.

Michele coaches Beginners all the way to Advanced shooters

Below is some key reasons for a coach for any sport and Michele is that coach for Clay Target Shooting.

What do you think about the importance of a good Coach?

Are they worth their weight in gold?

How have you benefited from good coaching?

Key reasons for a coach for any sport

Coaches can help us see possibilities where we can’t, and they can stay focused on the goal while we stay focused on preparing and executing to meet the goal. They act as the lighthouse which is stationary and secure and provides a beacon to direct us when we lose focus.

It’s important to seek different view points from people you trust. Coaches can play a pivotal role in thinking differently than we do, challenging our thoughts, and perhaps provide insight or ideas which we hadn’t thought about. Maybe I’m setting my goal too short? Perhaps their experiences have lead them to a different conclusion and I can draw on that insight? Over the years I have valued the different perspectives that trusted advisors have shared with me. In fact often those perspectives have been a catalyst for a change or focus which turned out to be just what I needed.

We all need pushed sometimes when we think we’ve had enough or we’ve given it our best. A great coach will push us to the next level and squeeze out that last bit of effort which may take us to another level. If left to our own devices we may be too satisfied with our performance or not believe we can do any better. I know this is usually what happens with me in the gym! Listen to what Mills says about Bolt, the fastest man in the world (who kind of has the right to think he’s at his best) “I wouldn’t say that we have seen the best of him,” Mills told Reuters after putting Bolt through a sprint workout. “I think that he’s capable of more (speed), if he has (injury) uninterrupted preparation.”

When our perception of a situation is influenced by emotion, which it often and rightfully is, a coach can provide a neutral, objective, and constructive view point. They haven’t invested the same emotional energy into whatever situation or experience you’re facing and it’s very helpful to hear a trusted advisor give a realistic view point. Sometimes it’s enough to help us get out of a funk.

Ultimately some of the biggest value we can receive from a good coach is positive reinforcement, encouragement, and a motivational kick up the backside. It’s easy to get discouraged along the way when we fail at something, hit a setback, or get rejected for a job or promotion we were after. We need others to come along and encourage us, remind us of the value we have and get us in a positive frame of mind. During a critical point in a match against Serena Williams at the 2014 Brisbane International semi-final, Sharapova was mounting a strong rally and thought it important to seek some insight from her coach. “You’re letting her know you’re in her face,” coach Groeneveld said, adding that she “must commit” to her serve. Sometimes just a few words can make a big difference.’ Quoted from Alan Bronowicz